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MHO Infrastructure (MHOI) is a proprietary limited Australian company based in Gladstone, Central Queensland and founded in 2014.
MHOI uses proprietary Tasman Warajay technology.

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90% of Australian export Coal travels through systems designed and built by us.

Materials Handling Optimisation Infrastructure Pty Ltd

ABN 74 603 172 694

PO Box 851 Gladstone DC
Gladstone, QLD 4680


Our team has decades of experience in solving bulk materials handling problems at various locations around the world. When it involves: a conveyor system at a power station in South Africa; a bunkering belt in Ontario; a diversion system at an Australian port; or the doubling of belt speeds at a shipping terminal in Indonesia, the MHO Infrastructure team has the right experience.

We understand planning, scheduling and execution of works on time and with minimal disruption to operations, is business critical.

We work closely with clients who trust us to respond to their requirements from the concept stage to completion.

Our strength is an intimate understanding of material flow behaviour and transfer system design. Done well these key elements substantially improve conveying system performance and capacity.

Organisational Values

We believe success is the alignment of safe, socially responsible, technically superior, and commercially attractive outcomes. To be good at what we do, we need to perform across the full spectrum of deliverables. This in turn provides a range of benefits to the people and organisations we interact with and the community we live in.