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We provide services for mines, ports, mineral processors, and power stations, where conveying systems are a key element of the operation

Transfer Chutes

Products and Services

MHO Infrastructure provides a number of services to a large variety of industries.

Conveyor Transfer Chute Systems

Design and supply of conveyor transfer chutes requires detailed understanding of material flow and behaviour under different conditions. This field is very specialised to a point where it is regarded by many as an art form. This is MHOI’s area of expertise. The systems we design, and supply are as good as anything available globally, have a proven track record in Australia and various locations overseas, and have a low total cost of ownership over useful life. A well-known product in Australia with good margins and high barrier to market entry. In addition, the reacquisition of Tasman Warajay Technology (including detailed design information on all previously supply transfer chutes) provides a unique direct line of work opportunity with previous customers.

Application Specific Industrial Machines

Designing and building one-off semi-automatic or fully automatic machines is very interesting work which requires a combination of mechanical understanding of the functions required, engineering design experience, and capability to develop the control system logic. The deliverables often result in significant operational cost-savings for the end-user and are generally limited to a single application specific location. Low volume work with high level of design required, along with high technical risk.

Consulting / Project Management

Most of this type of work is associated with resolving specific materials handling issues, identifying opportunities to optimise the performance of existing materials handling systems, review of materials handling designs (by others) or existing materials handling plant condition, and shutdown or construction project management.

Transfer Chutes